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  • Seal Impresses the Visitors and a Kangaroo - Gliding by, the Australian Fur Seal impresses a family of onlookers and a furry Kangaroo just visible by the...
  • A Beacon, Two Reds and a Green - Another visit to Beacon Cove this time trying just to get some light onto the beacon from the dull drab sky. The clouds...
  • Malu - This is Malu a young Orang Utan from Melbourne Zoo. This image has done well for me winning a merit in the 2014 VAPS interclub awards as well as...
  • Mentone Sand Groyne - Often mistaken as the remains of Mentone Pier, this is not a 100 year old pier but a 30+ year old sand groyne built keep the sand...
  • Shy Albatross - Taken in Bass Strait just outside of Port Phillips Heads.
  • Old Jetty Clifton Springs - This image is a 2 second exposure to smooth the water a little but not to blur the clouds which need to have their sharpness.
  • Honey Bee and Lily 1 - This Honey Bee is on a Lily and is trapped by its mandible, it escaped a short time later
  • Ring Tailed Lemur - Taken at Melbourne Zoo on a sunny day, this Lemur was sunbathing.
  • Princes Pier - The remains of Princes Pier in Port Melbourne
  • Collins St from The Rialto
  • Gaggle of Egrets - Two Great Egrets and a Little Egret at Werribee Water Treatment Plant enjoying the morning sun.
  • Great Egret - Nearly there

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